Photo of Holne village
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24th November 2020: Temporary speed limit in place (NEWBRIDGE CROSS TO HOLNE

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COVID19 parish response

There are currently important restrictions on movement in place in all parts of the UK to help combat the COVID19 pandemic. These include minimising contact with others.

In a small, rural parish we are pretty good at keeping an eye on each other, but it is important we offer help to those who need it, with their shopping, getting prescriptions etc. without actual contact or going inside their homes.

The over 70's and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk from the virus.

If you are 'self isolating' (staying mostly indoors without seeing anyone else) and worried about keeping warm, getting food or medicine and don't have anyone you can call on to help, there are community volunteers in the local parishes who can help. Contact a volunteer through one of the following:

Holne and Scorriton Community Group (Facebook)

Holybrook Exchange

Or contact me and I will help!

Ash Dieback Disease (Chalara)

Ash dieback is spreading quickly around the countryside. It is important to report any trees you suspect as having the disease to the Forestry Commissions TreeAlert Reporting tool - click here.

You can find an online guide here describing the symptoms.

If you would like to contribute, please contact