Great Global Clean-up – April 22

Event Details

We know that many people in Holne  and Scoriton already do their bit on a  regular  basis to keep our area clear of  litter.  As we come out of lockdown I’m  proposing we come together as a community and mark the Great  Global Clean up which is held  in  conjunction with international Earth Day (April 21-23).
If you would like to do your own thing, that’s great:  if you would like to meet at Tom and Tina’s Tearoom  in  Holne at 3.30 on the afternoon  of  Thursday, April 22, with the minimum of  organisation we can  decide who might go where to ‘pick’.   We just would suggest  you bring  your own gloves, picker and compostable bags.  
Many of us  are wondering  how things  will be  this summer as we receive more  visitors.  To raise awareness,  we’ve produced and placed, with the acknowledgement of DNPA, some simple signs around and about to remind  people to  ‘Keep Nature Clean’.  If you would like more information on  these, please let  us know. 
Take a look at  –   We will enter our ‘clean up’ on the map and contribute to this great initiative.